Preventative Treatments

Preventive maintenance treatments are intended to preserve the City's asphalt roadways. These treatments extend the service life of pavements well beyond the normal life of an untreated pavement.

Crack Sealing

A photograph of crack seal street treatment.

Slurry Seal

A close up of slurry seal street treatment.

Mineral Bond

A photograph showing mineral bond street treatment.
Programs in the rehabilitation category generally serve to extend the life of the infrastructure by repairing those deteriorated sections. The service life is extended by repairing and rehabilitating the existing infrastructure, and the costly replacement of that infrastructure is postponed.

Pavements beyond their service life showing signs of extensive roadway failure or those requiring the complete replacement of the asphalt pavement fall into the reconstructive project category. This is the most costly and disruptive form of roadway maintenance. These projects may also include the replacement of the road base and replacement of damaged sections of curb, gutter and sidewalk.
Pot Hole Repair
Pot holes develop for a number of reasons; old pavement that is dried out becomes brittle and fractures allowing water from storms to penetrate the surface through cracks into the base.

Once the base is saturated it does not support the pavement as it should and chunks of it will loosen and pop out with the weight of traffic. Please help by reporting potholes. Public Works Office 801-614-0870.
A close up of Pot Hole Repair