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Clinton PARCS Community Events Sponsorships
More and more consumers are expecting the companies they buy from to give back to their communities. Consumers like businesses that care. How better to exhibit that caring than by helping to sponsor a commun­ity event?

There are many ways to get involved and show your support for Clinton PARCS programs, activities, events and Heritage Celebrations through the year or season. Each year “Clinton PARCS”, a 501(C)(3) component unit non-profit organization designed to enhance sponsor­ ship in our community, hosts a series of events for our community.

Organizations that participate in these events include the Recreation Department, Fire Department, Youth City Council, CERT, Parks Department, Clinton Arts board and others.
Sign Sponsors
Jamba Juice sponsor sign on ballfield
Walmart Sign displayed on a ballfield
Business signs hang on a ballfield with the mountains in the background.
A sign of Kapp Auto Sales on the ballfield.
2 business signs on ballfield number 3.
Kohls Sign